Live beyond your wildest dreams.

Our Approach

Total Return Life is a formulation of 3 major components of Freedom, Travel and Finance. We use these components because they integrate into the Total Return Lifestyle seamlessly.

Our Story

Total Return Life was started by Bill Booz and possibly his Jack Russel Terrier, Maggie after years and years of colleagues, friends, former bosses and acquaintances telling him “I want your life“, so I finally sat down from my own busy life and started figuring out exactly how I am able do all of this exotic travel and and continuously increase the freedom and financial variables in my life. What I put together is a book that will change your life.

Meet the Team

A group of eccentric, crazy, infectious and “do the World good” human beings who enjoy creating, traveling, learning and sharing our Total Return Life knowledge with you!

Bill Booz, CFP®

Total Return Life™ Founder

Eccentric, motivated and always challenging the status quo. Looking for adventure and the next big project.

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C. M. King

Total Return Life™ Consultant

Intelligent, analytical and adds value to every life he touches. You can’t walk away from him without getting inspired.

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Mr. Tyson

Total Return Life™ Consultant

He is an idea generator and he is a magnet to be around. He is infectious with motivation and fulfillment